About Coureur Des Bois

Coureur de bois may seem to be strange to someone who has not encountered them yet much more the term. Seemingly intimidating, the phrase coureur de bois could seem daunting given the difficulty of pronouncing the words for non-French speakers. The origin of the word comes from a French or French-Indian trapper of North America, especially of Canada. Literally, it means the runner or hunter of the woods.

To be a successful coureur, one must be skillful. Some of the skills that have to be learned is learning how to trade and knowing how to be a great canoeist. It requires great physical strength to succeed as a coureur. In ancient times, the fur trade was a very important and popular business. Because of the long distance transportation that this task requires, the trip would usually start very early in the morning which makes it extra dangerous. Usually, when the rivers are already cleared of ice the travel starts. They carry with them full load of supplies for their months of travelling and goods for trading. This is a very arduous ride given that the canoe is heavy enough for the riders and all the supplies that go along with it. This is the exact reason why being a coureur could be really difficult more so if you would want to be a successful one.

What makes people enticed with this is the fact that there is fortune in this. However, achieving this kind of wealth does not come easy. There is a lot of danger that comes with this. Many more become outlaws when they are faced difficulties or had been victims of theft.

In this site, we would learn what it is to be coureur and what it’s like. There is a specific lifestyle that is very much specific to the coureur de bois that we would be aware of by reading this page.